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Academic Staff Mobility

Internationalization is also about collaborative research that crosses geographic as well as theoretical boundaries, and it is about academic exchanges that provide insights into new cultures and new ways of doing things. 

The Hebrew University offers numerous opportunities for academic faculty staff mobility to our partner universities.

There are two main tracks for Calls for Applications:

1. Bilateral Agreements 

2. Erasmus+:erasmus123

Through the Erasmus+ program, Hebrew University staff have the opportunity to participate in EU funded Teaching Staff Mobility.

Participants are required to deliver a minimum of 8 hours teaching (flexible format) per week.

Minimum duration 2 days. Maximum duration 2 weeks

Funding available: Travel and Daily Subsistence will be provided, as per the EU rates.


The International Office publishes annually in the fall a Call for Applications and invites faculty members and staff to apply.

How to apply?


How to apply?

The International Office publishes annually calls for applications for bilateral and Erasmus+ mobility opportunities and invites faculty members and staff to apply.

If you are interested in applying for Erasmus+ staff mobility funding for activity to be carried out during 2016 – June 2018, please refer to the open call for applications:

Extended Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Call for Applications 2017-18

The International Office is happy to provide further information and assistance.

Inviting Scholars

The Hebrew University has created a culture that values the involvement of dynamic, creative and dedicated researchers from the international academic community.

Responsibilities of the Host Department and Faculty

Step One: Official Invitation Letter

Prospective visiting scholars need an official letter of invitation from the Dean of your faculty. The letter should detail the nature of the research or teaching that the scholar will conduct, who will supervise or advise the scholar, the dates of the visit and specifically what the department will offer the scholar. It may explain if the department will be able to provide office space, staff assistance, departmental facilities, salary and/ or stipend, the agreed length of stay and dates the scholar will be on campus.

Step Two: Practical Matters


Visitors from India, China, Africa and various other places will need assistance with obtaining a visa for their visit.

Please contact the International Office for more information 


If your visitor will be receiving a salary (as opposed to a fellowship or honorarium), you must obtain a work permit and work visa for him/her before his arrival in Israel.

Please contact the International Office for more information 



The university has a few apartments available for visiting scholars and professors.

Please check with the International Office for availability 


Important: If you are considering inviting a professor or research scholar to the university, please contact the International Office at least 2-6 months in advance.

More Information and Assistance

The International Office

Coordinator for Visiting Scholars