Before Arriving in Israel

General Information

All visitors to Israel must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they are due to depart Israel. ​​​​​

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs websites provide detailed information on visas. Please refer to their websites:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israeli Embassies around the world 

*Note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to periodically update visa information requirements so we recommend to check for updates from time to time.


Israel has visa exemption agreements with many countries for short visits of up to 90 days.

Check whether you need to obtain a visa to visit Israel by viewing the list here: List of countries with which Israel has visa exemption agreements.

It is important to emphasize that the exemption applies only to tourist visas and to passports (not to laissez passer).

Please note: when the State of Israel grants a visa to a person with a foreign passport (national or official), this does not necessarily imply recognition of the authority or entity that issued the aforementioned passport.


In all circumstances, should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Limor Levy, Email:



Visas and Application Process

Below are the types of visas and the application process for obtaining them:


A/2 Student Visa

This visa is granted to those who want to study in Israel in elementary, high schools and academic institutions. The visa is valid for a maximum of 12 months and can be extended. Recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel.

Please note: A minor will not be given a visa without the written consent of both parents or a legal guardian.


A/4 Visa - for the spouses and children of recipients of A/2 or A/3 visas

This visa is granted to the spouses and minor children of recipients of A/2 or A/3 visas.

Apostilled marriage and/or birth certificates are required.

The HUJI international office will provide details on how to obtain this visa – please do not approach the Israeli embassy prior to them contacting you.


B/1 Work Visa

This visa is for a person whose stay in Israel is approved for a limited period for the purpose of work. This visa is given to experts and artists, among others, and is granted solely with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior.  The visa is valid for a maximum of 12 months and can be extended.

A B/1 visa can only be issued in Israel and sent to one of the Israeli embassies around the world. The HUJI international office will provide details on how to obtain this visa – please do not approach the Israeli embassy by yourself before getting an approval that the visa was sent and ready to pick it up.  Please note that you may be required to provide additional certificates at the local Israeli embassy such as:

  • A verified certificate of good conduct;
  • Certification of medical examinations performed in clinics or hospitals recognized by the mission (the certification must cover, inter alia, normal results in tests for tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS) and the results of blood tests;
  • A declaration of being fingerprinted (the State of Israel has begun to fingerprint foreigners entering the country to work) and a photograph.

The validity of the B/1 Work visa follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Interior guidelines. The employee must enter Israel within the time period specified on the visa and remain in the country for the duration specified in the visa.


B/2 Visitor's Visa

A B/2 visa is granted to someone who wishes to stay in Israel for a short time (for a visit, tourism, a business meeting or study in a Hebrew Ulpan). Recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel.

A B/2 visa is valid for a maximum of up to three months from the date of issue. The Border Police will determine the duration of stay in Israel.

Please note: The consul may request additional documents. Since the fee is collected for handling the application, it will not be refunded to the applicant if the visa is not issued for any reason.


Multiple Entry Visa

A Multiple Entry visa can be issued in conjunction with the above visas, which will allow holders to be able to leave and re-enter Israel while it is valid.  It is issued for a maximum of 12 months and can be extended. Most embassies are not able to issue a Multiple entry visa abroad. It can be done at the Ministry of Interior upon arrival to Israel.


Immigration Visa & Returning Residents

The Law of Return, 5710 - 1950 determines the right of every Jew to immigrate to the State of Israel. Jews returning to Israel are considered people who were away - or whose ancestors were away - from Israel and are now returning to their country. With regard to the law, "A Jew is a person born to a Jewish mother, or who is a convert to Judaism, and is not a member of another religion."

According to an arrangement between the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency, the latter handles immigration (“Aliya”) to Israel: checking candidates, providing advice and guidance, assisting with absorption arrangements, referrals to immigrant centers, places of study, employment, etc. An Aliya emissary of the Jewish Agency who recommends a person's immigration, transfers the application together with a written recommendation to an official representative of the State of Israel.

Those interested in commencing the process of immigrating to Israel should contact the Aliya representative of the Jewish Agency who is responsible for the area in which they reside. To obtain information on how to contact an Aliya representative, please contact your local Jewish Agency representative or the local Israeli embassy.


For further information, please contact Ms. Limor Levy,

Email: ; Tel: 02-5882924