Conflict of Interest Code

In carrying out research, research workers at the Hebrew University, (visiting faculty included) must be unbiased.  Their professional judgment should at all times be exercised independently, and extraneous interests should never be permitted to influence them in any aspect of their research.  The University requires disclosure of all interests that are, or might appear, likely to bias research or improperly to influence decisions which can affect its progress.  Disclosure makes it possible to take appropriate steps in order to ensure that research is carried out in an unbiased manner, independently and professionally.

The University has established a Conflict of Interest Committee to monitor and resolve emerging conflicts of interest in research and to give advice on situations that may develop into conflicts of interest.

Breach of the rules concerning conflict of interest contained in University's Conflict of Interest Code, as well as non-compliance with any decision of the Conflict of Interest Committee, is considered a disciplinary offence.

Research workers have a conflict of interest when there is a real, perceived or potential possibility that some extraneous interest will compromise the unbiased, independent and professional judgment required in academic research.

Research workers of the University include anyone involved in the design, the application for funding, the conduct or the reporting of research or in decisions affecting its commercialization and anyone else using University resources and/or involved in research together with any of the above.