Cost of Living


Estimated Costs for International Students at the Hebrew University

While costs may vary according to your spending habits, you can find a useful list of the typical costs of living in Jerusalem on the Expatistan Website 


The price mentioned here is for a single room in a shared apartment in student dormitories on campus (where international students usually reside). The dormitory rent varies according to room type and availability: double room, single room, or single room in a shared apartment.

Off-campus apartments are also an option. Prices are fairly similar to dorms.

The International School does not assist with off-campus housing and can be challenging for an international student to find from afar.


**Medical Insurance

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem requires all students to be covered by adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay. Scholarship students are provided with health insurance. Self-funding students are required to purchase comprehensive health insurance either privately or via the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Cost: 1.7$ per day.


Please note: The figures mentioned above are an estimation. Costs can vary according to your personal spending habits.