Cotutelle with Macquarie University (MU), Sydney, Australia

HUJ students are eligible to apply to participate in a Cotutelle with Macquarie University (MU), in Sydney, Australia.

Under this arrangement, HUJ students would spend a minimum of one year, and up to a maximum of 1.5 years, at MU.  The student receives an annual stipend of $27,000 in Australian dollars (<>), with the possibility of additional funding through teaching.

The student would need to be post-preliminary examination, and in the final years of research, as the degree must be granted within three years of beginning the cotutelle. The student would conduct research with a professor at MU while reporting to their HUJ advisor.

The student would submit the dissertation at both universities. The dissertation would have a three member review at MU and also an oral defense at HUJ with the usual committee requirements.  The MU advisor would be part of the UIC committee.  The student would receive two PhD degrees, one from UIC and one from MU, and the degrees may be named differently.

It is important that the HUJ and MU advisors have discussed and agreed to the research to be conducted.  Advisors do not need to directly collaborate but should communicate during the cotutelle and through the final dissertation defense. The MU professor does not need to be in the same department as the advisor at HUJ, and, in fact, it may be that the PhD received at MU is in a different department then the PhD received from HUJ.

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