Disciplinary Regulations

All persons working in or visiting any of the University's facilities or any of its campuses or any of its dormitory accommodations are expected to abide by the laws of the State of Israel and to follow the rules and regulations of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

According to the disciplinary regulations of the academic faculty at the Hebrew University, any one of the following acts constitutes a disciplinary offence:

  • Non-compliance with or neglect of teaching and/or research duties.
  • Abuse of the status of teacher, supervisor, researcher and administrator.
  • Violating the standard rules of publishing an academic paper and listing its authors.
  • Removing or using University property without permission or for personal profit; damaging it by intent or through negligence.          
  • Obtaining benefits or privileges through fraud.
  • Violating University regulations.

Israeli law prohibits the import, possession, traffic in and/or use of any type of illegal drugs or narcotics.  Violation of this law will result in immediate expulsion from the University and notification of the Israeli legal authorities.