Erasmus+ Agreements


The European Union created a new program Erasmus+ (2014-2020) to encourage the exchange of students between EU countries and countries around the world. The Erasmus+ program includes a program entitled "International Credit Mobility" which funds short term student and staff mobility between European and Partner Countries on the basis of inter-institutional agreements.

The Hebrew University has signed agreements with partner EU institutions, enabling students from partner universities an opportunity for international study at the Hebrew University.

The mobility programs are available for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students for stays of 3–12 months.

Erasmus+ offers scholarships for travel costs and monthly allowances, paid by the EU partner institution.

Benefits For Students:

  • 92% of employers are looking for transversal skills such as curiosity, problem solving skills, tolerance, and confidence when recruiting.
  • 64% of employers say graduates with an international background are given greater professional responsibility.
  • 64% of employers think international experience is important for recruitment (37% in 2006).

Erasmus Impact Study - 2014

Erasmus increases these skills

If your institution is listed on our Erasmus+ Partners list (pdf) you may be eligible to apply as an exchange student.

Promoting equal opportunities:

The Erasmus+ Programme promotes equal opportunities and inclusion for all participants regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and belief, disability and chronic illness, ethnic and social background. The actions aim at facilitating the access to participants with disadvantaged backgrounds and special needs.

To promote equal opportunities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem supports the diversified needs of people from different background in gender, racial, cultural, social, religious and disabilities all over the world. Alongside specific measures supporting equal opportunity, the University aims to integrate principles of equal opportunity and the promotion of diversity into all university areas. The aim is to set an end to discrimination and recognize as well as enable manifold life choices and life styles across university. Consequently, the University pays special attention to promoting equal opportunity in the Erasmus+ Programme, which is reflected in the calls for applications as well as the selection process and support of selected persons.

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