ERASMUS+ - Incoming Staff Teaching Mobility (KA107)



ERASMUS+ - Incoming Staff Teaching Mobility (KA107)

The Hebrew University invites teaching staff from Erasmus+ partner universities for teaching visits at the university (kindly check with your International Office if there is an active agreement).

Formal Requirements

  • Duration of stay: minimum of 5 days at the Hebrew University and longer if permitted by agreement and budget.
  • Participants are required to deliver a minimum of 8 hours teaching per week (or part of week). Teaching can take on a variety of different forms, such as guest presentations in local courses related to expertise, workshops for graduate/doctoral student, one on one supervision, public lectures, etc.
  • Support for research-based stays is not provided within the scope of Erasmus+, however, research activities may be conducted in combination with a teaching stay.


Application Process

  • There is no deadline for applications. Interested teaching staff are invited to contact a relevant HUJI staff member to discuss opportunities to arrange a suitable time for the teaching staff visit during the academic year.
  • Please contact the International Office at your home university for further information on the application. Other regulations and deadlines may apply.
  • If the application is successful (in the case of a competitive call), the partner university staff exchange coordinator will notify the Hebrew University International Office via email (this step is called "nomination").
  • Following the nomination, a formal invitation letter should be prepared and sent to the guest by the Dean of the HUJI Faculty, as per the HUJI internal regulations, with a copy sent to the International Office - Limor Levy, Email:


Mobility Agreement for Teaching

  • Prior to arrival, the guest is required to have a "Teaching Mobility Agreement" fully signed. This agreement sets out the program for the visit goals and program and forms the basis of the mobility. The form needs to be approved and signed by the member of staff, the sending and the receiving institutions.
  • At HUJI, the agreement should be e-signed by the International Office and returned to the guest.
  • Important: The agreement will only be signed by the International Office after the formal letter of invitation from the Dean has been sent.
  • The fully signed version should be sent to the HUJI International Office, Email:


Refund of Expenses

All financial arrangements and reimbursements are via the home partner university and in accordance with their internal regulations.