The Hebrew University is spread over four campuses. Three of them are located in different parts of Jerusalem:

  • Edmond J. Safra Campus, Jerusalem (Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Brain Sciences, Nano)
  • Mt. Scopus Campus, Jerusalem (Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Business Administration, Education, Rothberg, University management)
  • Ein Kerem Campus, Jerusalem (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing),
  • Rehovot Campus (Agriculture, Food and Technology, Veterinary Science).

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There is a free shuttle bus between the campuses in Jerusalem. Students enrolled in any of the Rothberg International School programs will be housed in the beautiful Student Village on Mount Scopus.

There are many different dormitory options, with dormitories both on and off campus. For examples, you can opt for a private room in an apartment with 2-5 rooms, or a shared room in a 2-3 room apartment. There are, in addition, dormitories with 10 single rooms on a floor and shared kitchen and bathrooms. Finally, there are options for married students, with and without children.

Please note that every dormitory request is reviewed as to eligibility and availability. For more information and to apply, please contact Mali at

Mount Scopus Campus

There are three main dormitories on Mount Scopus.

The Student Village is comprised of several buildings containing two, three and five room apartments, and every student gets his own room. Each apartment has a kitchen, sitting area, and bathroom in addition to the bedrooms. The apartments are furnished, including air conditioning and internet connections, though kitchen equipment and bedding are not provided.

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The Meiersdorf (Reznick) dormitories have 1800 beds in 19 apartment buildings. These rooms are for singles only, and most students have their own room. There are 10 rooms on each floor, with a shared kitchen, bathroom and showers. Kitchen equipment and bedding are not provided.

The complex offers a laundromat, supermarket, computer rooms, synagogue and basketball court.

The Bronfman (Idelson) dormitories have 1,300 beds, in two- and three-room apartments. These are mostly shared, with two students to a room, but a limited number of students have their own room. Kitchen equipment and bedding is not provided. All apartments have a kitchen and a bathroom with shower.

In addition, there are a few one- and two-room apartments for couples and families.

The Bronfman dormitory complex has a gym, laundromat, and a club room. For a virtual tour, click here.

Edmond J. Safra Campus (Givat Ram)

Click here for an overview of campus facilities and facts about living in Jerusalem. [website – standalone page  - Separate document titled “Givat Ram and Jerusalem Facts”]

The Zweig Dormitories has 450 beds in eight buildings. These rooms are for singles only, with two students sharing each room. Each building has communal kitchens, bathrooms and showers.

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The Lieberman Dormitories have 101 one-room apartments, and are designated for graduate students only. The apartments are furnished and feature air conditioning, as well as private kitchenettes and bathrooms. There is a small number of apartments for families.

A grocery, restaurant and TV room are nearby.

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Ein Kerem Campus

These dormitories are open only to students in the faculties/schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Sciences and Public Health. There are 308 beds in seven buildings. The students share, two to a room. There are also 16 apartments for families.

There are nearby restaurants, laundromat, and club rooms.

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Rehovot Campus

Students in the M.Sc. programs typically reside in one of the student dormitory buildings located on the Faculty of Agriculture campus. The campus is located on a main street in the city of Rehovot, 55 kilometers southwest of the main campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and 30 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv. Outside the main entrance to the campus students have full access to most of their living needs within walking distance. There is abundant public transportation and taxi service for students to travel around the city and to all parts of the country.

The dormitories are standard for Israeli and visiting students alike, and are within short walking distance to all classrooms and facilities on campus. A few options (of varying costs) are offered: a single room, a double room shared by two students, or an apartment unit shared by four to five students. If a student is able to afford off-campus accommodations, they should feel free to rent a room or an apartment in the area. These are generally more expensive and at a greater distance from classrooms and other facilities on campus.

Single and double rooms contain a small refrigerator, bed, cupboard, desk and chair for each occupant, and share a large communal kitchen and dining area with the residents of the building. Multiple bathroom and shower facilities are shared by all rooms on each floor. The apartment unit contains its own kitchen, shower, restrooms and living area. All rooms have air-conditioning. Dormitory rooms are equipped with basic furniture; household items, such as bedding, towels and cooking utensils are not provided. Students in the International M.Sc. Program have the option of purchasing the basic household items through the Division for External Studies before their arrival.

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Independent Apartment Rental

The Hebrew University apartment board is a searchable listing where HUJI visiting faculty can locate furnished apartments when coming to Jerusalem. Click here to use the board.

Below are a number of other helpful starting places for finding housing on your own:


Flat Hunting

Sabbatical Homes