International Graduate and Post-graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs by Faculties & Schools

The Hebrew University offers programs at all levels. Most degree programs are taught in Hebrew. There are also a wide variety of degree programs offered in English.

*Unless mentioned otherwise, all programs open next October.

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dental Medicine

Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Environment


Faculty of Science




School of Business Administration


Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Law (one-year programs)


Faculty of Social Sciences


School of Social Work & Social Welfare (one-year program)



PhD Programs

PhD programs are offered in each of the Hebrew University's departments.

Click here for the full list of departments.



Admission Information

We welcome applications from international students from all over the globe!


PhD Students

Admission information for PhD candidates is available at the Authority for Research Students website. Please contanct the Authority's staff for more information.


Graduate Students

In order to apply to Graduate Studies at the Hebrew University you are required to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Bachelors degree from a recognized university
  2. "B" average in undergraduate studies or its equivalent. These are the minimum admission requirements. Many departments are selective and require a higher grade average.
  3. Additional exams may be required, such as the GRE or GMAT. 
  4. Knowledge of English: All candidates are required to meet English proficiency requirements as listed in the program website. TOEFL and IELTS are recognized.

The Department Admissions Committee takes the final decisions after review of the candidate’s academic achievements.

More information on specific admission requirements is available in the programs' websites.



Application Procedures

Faculty Degree Programs:

The Overseas Applicants Unit handles all applications for degree studies that are based on non-Israeli academic credentials.

Admissions advisers provide assistance in various languages. Printed material and website are available in English, French, Hebrew, Russian and Spanish. The application is available online or in hard copy form at the Overseas Applicants Unit


Need more information?

Admission guide





Degree Programs in conjunction with the Rothberg International School:

The Rothberg International School handles all applications for graduate degree programs offered in conjunction with the Rothberg International School.

 More information  RIS website