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Academic Staff Mobility

Internationalization is also about collaborative research that crosses geographic as well as theoretical boundaries, and it is about academic exchanges that provide insights into new cultures and new ways of doing things. 

The Hebrew University offers numerous opportunities for academic faculty staff mobility to our partner universities.

There are two main tracks for Calls for Applications:

1. Bilateral Agreements 

2. Erasmus+:

Through the Erasmus+ program, Hebrew University staff have the opportunity to participate in EU funded Teaching Staff Mobility.


The International Office publishes annually in the fall Calls for Applications and invites faculty members and staff to apply.

How to apply?

How to apply?


The International Office publishes annually calls for applications for bilateral and Erasmus+ mobility opportunities and invites faculty members and staff to apply.

  • Application deadline for this year has expired, stay tuned for future updates.


ERASMUS+ Outgoing Teaching Mobility






Testimonial from Prof. Nathan Wasserman, Institute of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Leipzig:

"My contacts with the Altorientalisches Institut in Leipzig University began more than 10 years ago, when Prof. Michael P. Streck and myself have joined forces in establishing a research team focused on the study of Akkadian literary compositions (SEAL:

Our joint scientific work (in the framework of two consecutive GIF projects) was so successful that Erasmus+ was only a natural development for us. Since three years now, each of us travels, with the help of Erasmus+, to his colleague's university for a one-week blockseminar. Each side sends two students per year for a duration of one semester, allowing them to gain from the strong aspects of Leipzig/Jerusalem. The bilateral ties -- scientific but also collegial -- between the two universities are stronger than ever, for the benefit of all. Erasmus+ is a program which offers many opportunities in all levels". 


ERASMUS+ offers funding for teaching visits to selected European partner universities of the Hebrew University.
The International Office publishes annual calls for applications for staff mobility.

It is recommended to follow the International Office announcements. Full details on the mobility opportunities can be found in call for applications.

Note that the partner universities and fields of study included in the Calls for Applications may change from year to year.



  • Easy and fast application process that does not require much paperwork!
  • 98% success rate.
  • Opportunity to strengthen existing academic ties and create new ones.
  • Travel and Daily Subsistence provided.



  • Minimum visit duration: 5 working days and more, up to a maximum of 2 months (depending on specific agreement).
  • All mobility periods include 2 days travel, e.g. 5 working days + 2 travel days = 7 days.
  • Participants are required to deliver a minimum of 8 hours teaching per week (or part of week). Teaching can take on a variety of different forms, such as guest presentations in local courses related to expertise, workshops for graduate/doctoral student, one on one supervision, public lectures, etc. Support for research-based stays is not provided within the scope of Erasmus+, however, research activities may be conducted in combination with a teaching stay.
  • Applicants must be in a proper employment relationship with the Hebrew University at the time they apply and this must continue at least until the end of the mobility visit


Application Process

All application documents should be submitted to by the Call Deadline via the application website.


Application documents

  • CV and short publication list;
  • Invitation letter from academic host at Partner University
  • Teaching plan for the period of mobility – max. 1 page.



Following the closure of the call for applications, the selection of outgoing candidates is carried out by the Hebrew University evaluation committees, in accordance with Erasmus + program regulations that require “a selection process that is fair, transparent and documented, ensuring equal opportunities to participants eligible for mobility”.

Following completion of the selection process, the staff will be notified of the outcome of the selection process.



On completion of the internal selection process, the International Office will notify the partner university of the selected staff (an administrative step referred to as "nomination")  by email.

Following the nomination and acceptance (Note that the internal selection does not by itself guarantee that the mobility will take place!) of the staff member at the partner  university, invitation letters should be sent to the nominated staff member by the partner university after the reception of all the required documents.


Mobility Agreement for Teaching

The host institution will send the HUJI Faculty member a "Teaching Mobility Agreement"  This sets out the program for the visit goals and program and forms the basis of the mobility. The form needs to be confirmed and approved by the member of staff, the sending and the receiving institution.

At HUJI "The Sending Institutions", the Staff Teaching Agreement should be e-signed by the Chair of the department/Dean of Faculty and returned to the host institution. The fully signed version should be sent to the HUJI International Office: for our files. Scanned/digital signatures are acceptable.


Planning the Mobility


Travel Expenses

Travel expenses will be reimbursed to you by the host institution. The host will send each staff member a "grant agreement" which mainly provides details on the financial terms.

Each institution works in a different mode and this information should be provided to you by their International Office or make direct inquiries. You should keep all boarding cards and travel receipts.

No funds are usually transferred to HUJI.


Travel and accommodation costs:

Amounts vary depending upon the EU rates for each partner university:

  • Daily subsistence rate
  • Travel costs

Accommodation and travel costs are refunded in accordance with the Erasmus+ regulations and partner university internal guidelines.



Participants must have a medical and travel insurance for the period of their stay, with at least the following covered: Medical care, Medical Transfer of the Sick and Injured to their home country and Transport of Mortal Remains and Private Civil Liability Insurance.



The program will operate according to the Teaching Plan Agreement. Staff will be required to teach 8 hours a week.

Any additional meetings with any potential collaborators, meeting students, university officials etc. can be set up in conjunction with your hosts.


After the Mobility


Follow up Questionnaire

Staff who participate in the exchange program are asked to submit a short report on their return. These surveys are reviewed by the International Office, and any issues are brought to the attention of the International Office.

Inviting Scholars

The Hebrew University has created a culture that values the involvement of dynamic, creative and dedicated researchers from the international academic community.

There are various funding mechanisms for inviting scholars, including Erasmus+.


Responsibilities of the Host Department and Faculty


Step One: Official Invitation Letter

Prospective visiting scholars need an official letter of invitation from the Dean of your faculty. The letter should detail the nature of the research or teaching that the scholar will conduct, who will supervise or advise the scholar, the dates of the visit and specifically what the department will offer the scholar. It may explain if the department will be able to provide office space, staff assistance, departmental facilities, salary and/ or stipend, the agreed length of stay and dates the scholar will be on campus.


Step Two: Practical Matters


Visitors from India, China, Africa and various other places will need assistance with obtaining a visa for their visit.

Please contact the International Office for more information 

If your visitor will be receiving a salary (as opposed to a fellowship or honorarium), you must obtain a work permit and work visa for him/her before his arrival in Israel.

Please contact the International Office for more information 



The university has a few apartments available for visiting scholars and professors.

Please check with the International Office for availability 

Important: If you are considering inviting a professor or research scholar to the university, please contact the International Office at least 2-6 months in advance.


More Information and Assistance

Faculty members and visiting researchers are encouraged to contact Ms. Gal Lombrozo, the International Researchers Coordinator, for any administrative assistance, non-academic issues and day life matters.  



Staff Announcements

Non-EU Teaching Mobility Program.

General Information:

Short-term teaching visits for faculty members of Non-EU partner universities of the University of Vienna. 
The University of Vienna invites faculty members of its partner universities (please follow this link for a complete list of eligible institutions) to join the University of Vienna for a short-term teaching visit. The minimum duration of stay to teach is 3 weeks, the maximum 90 days. Invited candidates receive a work contract with the University of Vienna for up to 90 days.

The teaching assignment comprises a blocked course of 30 in-class contact hours. The language of instruction is English, or, exceptionally, the specific language of a programme of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies.

Final submission date: 
The deadline for applications for both periods is September 9, 2021. (23:59 Vienna Time)

 Original Call for Proposal |  Website

Application procedure

Applicants are invited to contact a faculty member in their specific academic field of the University of Vienna for support to get an endorsement letter from a director of studies at the University of Vienna. This letter from a director of studies certifies that the proposed course will fit into a degree program of the University of Vienna and complements existing courses. In order to obtain the requested letter, applicants should send an outline (syllabus) of their planned course to their contact person at the University of Vienna.

Upon receipt of a signed endorsement letter of one of the directorates of studies, applicants are asked to

>> Apply via Mobility Online

(PDF: Information on Online Application Non- EU Teaching Mobility)

Required documents for the application in Mobility Online:

  • ORCID iD (
  • CV
  • List of publications
  • Syllabus (course outline) of the proposed course and reading list for students
  • Letter of endorsement by at least one directorate of studies of the University of Vienna
  • Letter of support by the home university detailing the teaching experience of the applicant

Financial Support

Invited candidates will be provided with a work contract with the University of Vienna. In addition, travel expenses will be reimbursed up to a limit of 2,000 Euro.

Contact Person

If you or faculty members have further questions regarding this short-term teaching offer, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office of the University of Vienna: Maximilian Kudler ( is happy to help and assist applicants.



The Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies

General Information:

Final submission date: Thursday, September 30, 2021
Additional submission date: 01.04.2022
Fund: The Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies
 Original Call for Proposal |  Fund Website


The Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies invites applications for the Visiting Faculty and Scholars Program from a wide range of disciplines relating to Israel Studies. Visiting Faculty and Scholars are an integral part of the Berkeley Institute every year, and are actively engaged with Institute programs, faculty and students.
The Berkeley Institute houses two core programs: the Berkeley Program on Israel Studies and the Berkeley Program on Jewish Law, Thought, and Identity. The Berkeley Institute supports multidisciplinary courses, programs, and scholarship in Israel and Jewish Studies and serves as a hub for student, faculty, and community engagement. The Berkeley Institute serves both Berkeley Law and the UC Berkeley campus, bridging the two through academic programs and collaborations.

Visiting Faculty

The deadline to apply as a visiting faculty is Sep 30, 2021. We are looking for faculty who teach at a high level of English. While visiting Berkeley, visiting faculty teach courses in a range of departments.
Visiting Scholars Applications for the visiting scholars program will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a final deadline of April 1, 2022. The Institute will consider applications for a semester or for the full academic year.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your application by email or send any questions to