Health Insurance

All students at the Hebrew University, including part-time and external students, must have health insurance coverage for the period of their studies.


Full Degree Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Non-Israeli citizens are required to have a valid Health Insurance Policy  during their studies at the Hebrew University. The insurance can be arranged through the Hebrew University or independently.

Student who choose the insurance offered through the University are required to fill out the Application Form.

The tuition account of the student will be billed for the insurance premium accordingly and the terms of the insurance will be detailed in the policy sent to the student.

Students having their own health insurance, who do not wish to be billed for the University insurance, are required to sign a waiver.

All forms should be scanned and uploaded through the Personal Information Website or use this link.

Below attached general information about Harel insurance, its prices and medical services in Jerusalem.


The office of Harel - Yedidim, which handles student insurance,

+972-3-6386216 or +972-3-6386216,



Students Enrolled in the Rothberg International School

  • Unless otherwise noted, all non-­Israeli students attending a semester/year program, Hebrew language ulpan, or a summer program who pay tuition will receive health insurance for the period of their program, provided they meet the criteria. Students who remain in the University over the summer must visit the Finance Office to extend their policy (for a fee).

  • Students attending a special program that provides health insurance coverage will be required to sign a health insurance waiver upon arrival.
  • Part-time students taking individual courses in the divisions of Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies or Hebrew Language Instruction or the Preparatory Program must purchase health insurance for the period of their studies, including the break between semesters, if applicable.
  • Students who are Israeli citizens or new immigrants (olim) are personally responsible for joining an Israeli health fund (kupat holim) to assure their access to medical care. They must submit the Health Insurance Waiver.