Postdoctoral studies enables high-level academic training in any of the research fields at the Hebrew University. 

Acceptance Criteria

1. A Ph.D. or M.D. degree from an accredited institution of higher education, awarded not more than five years before the desired date of commencement of postdoctoral training at the Hebrew University. 

2. Agreement of a faculty member of the Hebrew University to serve as your supervisor during your post doctoral studies.

Please check our webpage for guidance on how to find a supervisor.


Once you have fulfilled the above criteria and received the acceptance of an academic supervisor, below are the next steps in your registration process:

1. Obtain an Official Invitation Letter

Your prospective supervisor will need to obtain an official letter of invitation from the Dean of your supervisor's faculty, on your behalf. The letter should detail the nature of your post doctoral studies that you will conduct, the details of the supervisor, the dates of your stay and any other specific information. 

2. Registration 

Upon arrival at the Hebrew University, the faculty/department secretary will provide you with a registration form in order to register you as a post doctoral student in the faculty of your supervisor.