Research Involving Animals

  1. Experiments on animals will be carried out only by a researcher authorized by the relevant University Committee and trained in the field of minimizing suffering of laboratory animals according to the rules set.
  2. An authorized researcher who wishes to carry out an experiment on animals must  receive permission from the Faculty Committee, set up for this purpose.
    1. Every experiment must have written permission in advance from the Faculty Committee, including a repeat experiment on the same animal or an experiment which was initially not carried out.  Permission for experiments whose sole purpose is teaching is required only regarding the methods and its principles.
    2. The responsibility for receiving authorization, an appropriate permit and fully timely reports, rests, by law, on the researcher conducting the experiment.
  3. Upon completion of the experiment, the researcher must report to the Faculty Committee on the aim of the experiment, its procedure and its results.
  4. An experiment involving animals, which violates the regulations of the Law, or deviates from the given permit, constitutes a criminal offense which may carry the penalty of at least one year in prison.
  5. The University's Ethics Committee has issued a pamphlet with detailed guidelines. Please request this pamphlet and review it carefully before planning or initiating animal research.

Researchers are expected to comply fully with all laws and regulations governing their activities.