Rules and Regulations


The law forbids smoking on campus in all areas including classrooms, study-halls, hallways and corridors, cafeterias and restaurants, libraries, elevators and all offices. Smoking is allowed only in specific, designated areas and outside the buildings.


  • University employees must take responsibility for University property, as well as their own belongings. Suspicious
  • objects and persons must be reported to the security officers on the relevant campus.
  • The security officers and the guards on campus have the authority to request ID cards, as well as to conduct searches of persons, cars and belongings.
  • Weapons are not allowed on campus, except by special authorization of the Security Department.
  • Campuses are closed at night from 22.30, and on weekends and holidays.  Arrangements for irregular working hours should be made with the security officers on the relevant campus.
  • The following are the telephone numbers of the security offices:
Campus Telephone Numbers
Mount Scopus   02-5883000, 02-5882653, 02-5881646
Edmond J Safra 02-6585000, 02-6584455
Ein Kerem 02-6758006, 02-6758060
Rehovot 08-9489900, 08-9489290

To reach the Police, dial 100.From a university phone dial 61000.

For emergency medical aid ("Magen David Adom"), dial 101. From a university phone dial 61001.

In case of fire, dial 102. From a university phone dial 61002.


University employees must not disclose any confidential, proprietary or personal information which they may receive, regarding the University's students or employees, during the course of their work at the University.