Safety and Occupational Health

Personal or environmental hazards must be reported to the Department of Safety and Occupational Health of the University.  Hebrew University faculty, researchers and students must abide by all the safety regulations, a copy of which may be obtained from the Department or Faculty secretariat.

The Department may provide you with advice and assistance on the following issues:  Safety regarding dangerous and toxic materials; risks of ionized and non-ionized radiation; biological risks and genetic engineering; air pollution; working environment; treatment of dangerous waste; personal protective equipment; work accidents; fire safety and conduct in case of a fire; evacuation of casualties.

A copy of the detailed regulations regarding "Chemical Safety in Student Laboratories", as well as other detailed information for persons working with dangerous materials, is available from the Department of Safety and Occupational Health (telephone: 02 6584014), in English as well. 

There are safety officers on campus who may be reached during working hours at the following numbers:

Campus Telephone Number
Ein Kerem 02-6758051, 054-8820347
Edmond J. Safra 02-6586912, 054-8820813
Mount Scopus  02-6585525, 054-8820348
Rehovot 08-9489983, 054-8820368