Special Programs

The Hebrew University is striving continuously to offer our students a variety of exciting international special initiatives and opportunities, with the aim to gain global perspectives.

Our initiatives range from international summer courses to international awards and competitions.


Testimonial from Michal Amit, Graduate Student in Culture Studies, who participated in the International Summer University program of International Leadership 2016.

 Michal Amit

"I had the privilege to be part of the Aladdin International Summer University program of International Leadership 2016, in Baku, Azerbajzan. It's hard to sum up my experience there because this program has affected me in so many ways.

It was an amazing experience meeting people from all over the world, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and more. It was my first time talking with people from countries I might never have the chance to visit myself. The different views of each person on political, social and cultural issues was so enlighting and inspiring for me. I truely miss them".

Michal is on the left hand side.


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