Strategic Partnerships


In the world of increasing globalization of universities, Hebrew University has numerous partnerships with universities worldwide.

It is an active partner in several strategic, global partnerships, with a few selected leading international universities in a variety of geographical locations, which co-create mutually beneficial solutions in support of internationally collaborative creativity and initiatives of our individual academics and faculties. Such partnerships include a wide portfolio of joint academic activity, ranging from joint teaching and research programs, joint research projects, joint workshops and more. Such programs are established with the support of joint funding mechanisms. While these different components are distinct, they feed on each other and in fact depend on each other.  Like communicating vessels, they strongly interact and affect each other.

Strategic Partnership with Freie Universitaet Berlin  ×ª×•×¦××ª תמונה עבור ‪freie universitaet berlin‬‏

A well-established strategic partnership exists with Freie Universitaet Berlin, initiated in 2011, and based on a series of agreements. These agreements include a Strategic Collaboration agreement signed in 2011, university level Student Exchange agreement and faculty level exchange agreements in various fields, including International Relations, Law, Communications, a Joint PhD agreement, Erasmus+ bilateral agreements for student and staff exchange, Administrative Staff Exchange Agreement and various joint academic programs.


The partnership includes a wide range of joint teaching and research activities:

1. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Freie Universitaet Berlin Joint PhD Program

2. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Freie Universitaet Berlin Joint Post Doctoral Program.

3. Partner in "University Alliance for Sustainability“, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)’s funding scheme for strategic networks, under the coordination of Freie Universitaet Berlin, including its strategic partners (PKU, UBC, St. Petersburg) Funding for meetings, staff and student exchanges. HUJI Coordinator: Prof. Eran Feitelson, Head of School for Environmental Studies.

4. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Freie Universitaet Berlin Joint interdisciplinary doctoral program, "Human Rights Under Pressure"

5. One‐year MA program “Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World”

6. "Principles of Cultural Dynamics" with Freie Universitaet Berlin

Annual Call for applications for research fellowships for FUB graduate students/staff and a summer school in Berlin at Freie Universitaet in the framework of the network "Principles of Cultural Dynamics at one of the partners.

7. Freie Universitaet Berlin–Hebrew University Joint Seed Money Funding Scheme
Annual Call for applications for joint research initiatives. Nextx call will be published in spring 2019.

The joint funding scheme with an annual budget of € 50.000 aims at supporting the first steps of research collaboration.

The following formats are possible:

  • Intensive research workshops
  • Short term research stays (for young as well as established researchers)
  • Research‐oriented teaching / short intensive graduate seminars
  • Mobility for the preparation of joint research proposals

8. Joint Research Projects: About a dozen joint active research projects, funded by third-party funds.

9. Alliance for Sustainability