VISA Information



Update: 7 July 2020 – these directives are subject to change due to the situation



  • All pick-up/drop-off of documents is on SUNDAYS only at the International Office, Rothberg International School, Floor 5, Room 524, only.
  • Document packages should include only passports and online payment proof (as of this week no cash payments will be accepted at the Ministry of Interior).
  • Payments )make sure that you pay for the visa and for the multiple entries as well) via this link:
  • Documents should be dropped off in a clearly marked, sealed envelope, with your name and phone number on the envelope.
  • It is recommended to notify Limor Levy (02-582924 / or Annaelle Ben Shushan )02-5880285 / office prior to arrival to check that the staff are in the office.
  • If the door is closed, please call: 02-5880285 or Email:;



Letters can be found in the mail box on the wall, outside the glass entrance door opposite Room 524.



  • You are kindly requested not to wander around the corridor, and to stay by the waiting area and keep a safe distance from all persons and employees;
  • Please wear your mask at all times.




Entry Procedure Into Israel

Update: 7 July 2020 – these directives are subject to change due to the situation


Dear Students and Post Doctoral Fellows,

The Israeli Government has issued new regulations and as of this week, it is possible for new incoming doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows, in addition to returning students, to apply for permission to enter Israel in order to start their studies and research.


In order to enter Israel you will have to get an approval from the Ministry of Interior, in Israel through our office. You will then be able to enter as a tourist and then you will be required to change the visa to an A2 visa after you get here.


In order for us to apply for approval to enter Israel, you are required to submit to the Hebrew University International Office, the following documents:

  1. Copy of your passport (and visa if you are returning student);
  2. Letter of acceptance to the Hebrew University;
  3. Flight details (the approval is valid for only 14 days so please apply according to the dates of your flight).


Please send via email to Limor Levy, International Office, via email:


Please note that currently the Government requires all students and post doctoral fellows to self-quarantine for 14 days at our Bet Maiersdorf Faculty Club, Mount Scopus Campus or Faculty of Agriculture Reisfeld House, Rehovot Campus. 


There is no option currently to quarantine anywhere else with the exception of married couples of post docs who can quarantine in their private apartments.


Rooms need to be booked in advance. For information on rooms, prices and reservations, please contact:

Bet Maiersdorf Faculty Club via Email:

Reisfeld House via Email:


Transfer from the airport to the self-quarantine: Use of public transportation is not permitted. Arrangements should be made for your pick-up by one person by car.


Some bureaucratic challenges can be expected, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for further assistance.


Best Wishes,

The International Office




VISA Information