Visiting Researchers

How to Register?

All non-degree Visiting Scholars need to get registered via the Rothberg International School, at the Visiting Researchers page.  

In general, candidates must register at least 3 months prior to the scheduled arrival date in order to arrange registration, entry visa and student admission in Israel.

Students or employees, who encounter problems when registering, are invited to contact the Graduate Office at Rothberg by email: or by phone at 02-5883482 or 02-5882633.

 A Visiting Research Fellow is defined as follows:

  • A student who is enrolled in other university’s degree program.
  • A student who is invited by a Hebrew University faculty.
  • A student who arrives at the University for research purposes for a period of more than one month.
  • A student who is not enrolled in any other program at the Hebrew University, including degree programs.


For more information about visit researcheres programs: