International Strategy

HUJI International Strategy

In line with the mission of the university institutional mission to be the leading research university in Israel and within the top leading universities worldwide, the Hebrew University's goals have been defined as:

  • Creation of innovative research knowledge that breaks the boundaries of science and in the advancement of society;
  • Quality teaching for training of future leadership in research and society;
  • Teaching and research across disciplines;
  • To maintain ties with leading research institutions worldwide;
  • To maintain a mutual, financial viable relationship with Jerusalem and the State of Israel.

The definition of the above goals, together with additional internal and external factors, have led the Hebrew University to

set internationalization as a strategic institutional priority.

Internationalization Strategy

A dedicated committee was established in November 2015 to examine the current situation of the university, vis-a-vis the university mission and goals to be a leading world-class international university.

Our belief is that an internationalization strategy will only have impact if we align our efforts and resources with a limited set of priority actions, while leaving innovative space for individual initiatives.

The Committee for the Development of an International Strategy has just released its 5 key recommendations:

1. Increase the number of outgoing HUJI students for international study experiences during their studies.

2. Increase and expand international degree programs at HUJI for international students, especially at graduate level.

3. Increase the number of international doctoral and post-doctoral students

5. Expand short term summer and winter programs for international students

6. Build strategic partnerships with leading universities worldwide, in North America, Europe and the Far East

A Concrete Action Plan in the Making…

Each of these points requires strategic planning to overcome hurdles and ensure success.

HUJI Students Abroad

HUJI places increasing importance on international experiences for its students. Ideally, each student who wants to have an international experience – whether in the classroom, a term abroad, summer course or a research internship – should be able to benefit from such an opportunity. 

The committee's recommendation is that every HUJI student should have the opportunity to study abroad in short study programs, summer courses, full semester courses and take part in research. The goal is to have approximately 800 students per year (10% of the student body) study abroad by the end of the decade, and 2000 students by 2025.

Master's, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programs for international

This priority is to recruit excellent graduate students from around the world. HUJI, as the leading university in Israel and recognized as a leader in research, teaching and service, offers high level academic education, preparing graduates to compete and contribute in an ever more globalized world.

The major thrust for the future will be the development and launching of new cutting edge international graduate programs taught in English, a policy aligned with the goals of the Council of Higher Education.

International Partnerships

HUJI has and will continue to establish meaningful partnerships with other leading academic institutions with the aim to generate joint programs, student mobility, research and collaboration as well as faculty and staff exchange.

HUJI has a number of successful partnerships – for example, HUJI and Freie Universitaet Berlin strategic partnership, signed in 2011. More than 60 scholars from all university departments are actively collaborating in research and teaching with colleagues in Jerusalem. A special emphasis is put on the collaboration on the promotion of junior scholars, including a joint PhD-degree program and Berlin-Jerusalem Joint Post Doctoral Fellowship.

Increased numbers of short term study programs

Short term programs for students globally are becoming increasingly popular and enable students an international experience during their studies, when longer periods of mobility are not always feasible. HUJI will strive to provide new and exciting opportunities for international students, include language courses, laboratory training, field trips, clinical work, combined with a unique Jerusalem experience.