International Strategy

HUJI International Strategy


In line with its mission to be the leading research university in Israel and one of the top universities worldwide, the Hebrew University has defined the following goals:

  • Advancing innovative research that pushes the boundaries of science and contributes to solutions addressing societal issues;
  • Providing high-quality education for training future leaders in research and society;
  • Prioritizing interdisciplinary teaching and research;
  • Nurturing ties with leading research institutions worldwide;
  • Maintaining a mutual, financially-viable relationship with Jerusalem and the State of Israel.

These goals, together with additional internal and external factors, have led the Hebrew University to set internationalization as a strategic institutional priority.


Key Strategic Internationalization Goals

1. Establish strategic partnerships with select leading universities worldwide.

2. Increase the number of international doctoral and post-doctoral students.

3. Increase the number of outgoing HUJI students taking part in international study experiences during their studies.

4. Increase and expand international degree programs for international students, especially at graduate level.

5. Expand short-term summer and winter programs for international students.

In addition, the Hebrew University has set the creation of an international-friendly campus as a key horizontal priority. The university’s infrastructure will be adapted and services will be upgraded to better enable welcoming and hosting international students and researchers. At the same time, “internationalization at home“ will enhance the HUJI experience for domestic students.

HUJI Students Abroad

HUJI Students Abroad


HUJI encourages its students to take part in international experiences. Ideally, each student who wishes to have an international experience – whether in the classroom, a term abroad, a summer course or a research internship – should be able to benefit from such an opportunity.

The university’s strategic goal is that every HUJI student should have the opportunity to study abroad in short study programs, summer courses or full semester courses, or take part in research abroad. The goal is to have approximately 800 students per year (10% of the student body) study abroad by the end of the decade, and 2,000 students by 2025.

Master's, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programs for international

MA, Phd

A top priority is to offer excellent Master’s, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programs  for international students from around the world. As the leading university in Israel and a recognized leader in research and teaching, HUJI offers a high-level academic education, preparing graduates to compete and contribute in an ever more globalized world.

International Partnerships


HUJI has and will continue to establish meaningful partnerships with leading academic institutions worldwide with the aim of developing meaningful joint academic programs, student mobility, research and collaboration, as well as faculty and staff exchange.

Over the years, HUJI has developed a substantial portfolio of successful partnerships. For  example, the strategic partnership between HUJI and Freie Universitaet Berlin, signed in 2011, has brought together over 60 scholars from a wide range of academic fields and university departments to actively collaborate in research and teaching. A special emphasis is placed on cultivating collaboration between junior scholars, including a joint PhD-degree program and the Berlin-Jerusalem Joint Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Additional initiatives include joint online teaching, cooperation in the fields of sustainability, humanities, social sciences, human rights, botany, and much more.


Short-Term Study Programs


Short-term programs for students are becoming increasingly popular globally. They enable students to have an international experience during their studies when longer periods of mobility are not always feasible. HUJI is constantly striving to provide new and exciting opportunities for international students, including language courses, laboratory training, field trips and clinical work, combined with a unique Jerusalem experience.