Top 10 Reasons to Study in Jerusalem!


Jerusalem Marathon


  1. The feel the vibe you can only get surrounded by the creativity, innovation and “chutzpa” of the StartUp Nation.
  2. A single giant hill in Jerusalem where you’ll find the Knesset, the Supreme Court, Hebrew University, The Israel Museum and… Cinema City!
  3. Just moments from the Givat Ram campus is the Mahane Yehuda shuk… hundreds of stalls selling every staple and delicacy, from halva to halibut, truffles to tarragon, feta cheese to falafel. And if that’s not enough, dozens of restaurants and bars make it a new night spot.
  4. The views from any porch, virtually anywhere!
  5. English, English, everywhere! And French. And Russian. And Spanish. And Italian…
  6. Perfect Mediterranean weather – yes, a month where it’s chilly (and often snows for a day or two) and another couple when it’s just hot. Aside from that, almost year-round it’s stunning, breezy and all about being outside!
  7. Easy access to points citywide by bus, bike, cab, light rail, and by foot!
  8. The First Station — the rejuvenated train station with restaurants, music, exhibitions, vendors, and 7-D movies, all operating 7 days a week!
  9. The Jerusalem Marathon and the “Around Jerusalem” bike ride, both offering routes of all lengths and levels of difficulty – something for everyone!
  10. Meet up with Jews, Muslims, Christians, secular, religious, locals, expats from around the world…