Call for Applications Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2022 Application is now open

2 November, 2021

Global Young Scientists Summit 

Dates: 17 to 21 January 2022 (5 days).
Location: virtual, organized by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore

GYSS is an annual multi-disciplinary summit that brings together eminent scientific minds and young scientists to foster the exchange among scientists of different generations, cultures and disciplines. Speakers comprising recipients of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize and Turing Award and other distinguished scientists, interact with participants, comprising PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from all over the world.
GYSS 2022 will be hosting 20 speakers from different fields (see details below). Participants will be able to take part in live plenary lectures; panel discussions and Q&A sessions; participate in small group session with their pre-selected speaker; and interact with other participants during the networking sessions. This year, in monitoring the situation involving COVID-19 travel restrictions, the GYSS Organizing Committee has decided that GYSS 2022 will be held online.

Application is open for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students, and young post-doctoral fellows, who:

  • Not have participated in previous Global Young Scientists Summits, with the exception for GYSS 2021.
  • Show a genuine interest in science and research, and a strong commitment to their principal field of studies and to interdisciplinary work.
  • are up to 35 years of age, at the time of the Summit.
  • are fluent in English and capable of active participation in discussions.
  • do not yet have a permanent position at the university.

Applicants should submit the following, in English:

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV)
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Grade transcript (for students)
  4. Letter of recommendation from senior researcher, such as their head of department, thesis adviser, an internationally renowned scientist etc.

Applications should be submitted as one PDF file by email to HUJI International Office, Email:

Application Link

We are currently accepting open applications:

For further information, please visit GYSS website.
Annex A – List of Confirmed GYSS 2022 speakers




Award/ Achievement


Prof Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2004)


Prof Ada Yonath

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2009)


Prof Alessio Figalli

Fields Medal (2018)


Sir Andre Geim

Nobel Prize in Physics (2010)


Sir John E. Walker

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1997)


Sir Konstantin Novoselov

Nobel Prize in Physics (2010)


Prof Leslie Valiant

Turing (2010)


Prof Michael Young

Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (2017)


Prof Robert Langer

Millennium Technology Prize (2008)


Prof Stanley Whittingham

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2019)


Prof Stuart Parkin

Millennium Technology Prize (2014)


Prof Takaaki Kajita

Nobel Prize in Physics (2015)


Prof Thomas Cech

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1989)


Prof Thomas Sudhof

Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (2013)


Sir Tim Hunt

Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (2001)