Call for Proposals 2022-2023 Freie Universität Berlin – Hebrew University of Jerusalem Joint Seed Money Funding Scheme

18 August, 2022

Deadline for Applications: November 2, 2022

With the goal of facilitating cooperation in the framework of a strategic partnership, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) have established a joint seed money funding scheme, to enable FUB and HUJI faculty and researchers to identify complementary strengths, facilitate the use of synergies, and promote the development of outstanding future research projects.

Academic Fields: The 2022-2023 call is open to collaboration of HUJI and FUB scientists in all academic fields. Applications can be either focused on one discipline or be of interdisciplinary nature. Applications in the Natural Sciences and Digital Humanities are particularly welcome.

Funding: The joint funding scheme aims at supporting the first steps of research collaboration (max. 5.000 - 10.000 Euro per proposal).

Type of Activity: The following formats are possible:  

- Intensive research workshops 
- Short term research stays (for junior as well as established researchers) 
- Research-oriented teaching/short intensive graduate seminars 
- Mobility for the preparation of joint research proposals 
- Joint PhD supervision 
- Preparation of joint publications 

Location: The activities can take place in Berlin or in Jerusalem.

Participants: Participants should include ideally both senior and junior faculty/researchers (PhD students or Post Docs) of FUB and HUJI. Inclusion of researchers from another university or of German non-university research institutions such as Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Centers, Leibniz Institutes, and Fraunhofer Institutes and others, is possible, however, the additional costs must be covered by the external partners.

Application Process

Proposal (up to a max. of 4 pages) - should include the following information:

- The motivation for holding the activity should be clearly explained, including how the involved FUB and HUJI institutes or departments can profit long term from this cooperation and what synergies can arise.  
- The supported activities should have a clearly defined focus and serve as a catalyst for the development of new joint projects.  
- Timeframe/Date for the proposed activity (must be completed by December 2023) 
- Detailed budget calculation 
- Written endorsement statement of respective FUB/HUJI faculty/department 
- Information on project leaders on both sides (CVs) and list of other FUB/HUJI participants 

Submission: Researchers should submit their joint proposal simultaneously in Berlin and in Jerusalem. Proposals should be sent electronically as one PDF file to the following addresses: 

At Freie Universität Berlin: 
IV A Center for International Cooperation 
Nora Jacobs  
Phone: +49-(0)30-838-73949 

At Hebrew University of Jerusalem: 
International Office 
International Partnerships & Development 
Alma Lessing  
Phone: +972-(0)2-5880454  

Deadline: Joint proposals should be submitted by 2 November 2022.  

Selection criteria: Seed money funding for joint activities will be provided on a competitive basis. Projects will be selected by a joint FUB-HUJI committee, giving particular attention to the following criteria:   

- Clearly formulated plan and goals of the activity 
- Information on envisaged synergies 
- Level of concreteness of future joint research, including timeframe and information on funding programs and steps for developing a joint proposal, joint publications and/or joint supervision of graduate students 
- Compatibility with the FUB/HUJI research profiles (interdisciplinary nature, excellence of project leaders, scope of the fields/labs represented in the proposed activity) 
- Information on how the cooperation can be sustained beyond the initial seed money funding phase 

For further information: Please contact the above listed staff.