Call for Proposals 2022 University of Geneva – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Joint Seed Money Funding Scheme

19 July, 2022

Joint proposals can be submitted until 15 September 2022. Results will be communicated in October 2022; the proposed activitiesshould commence in the same year.
For more information see the attached file below or contact us:

Purpose of the Scheme

With the goal of facilitating cooperation in the framework of a strategic partnership, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) have established a joint seed money funding scheme. The funding shall enableUNIGE and HUJIfaculty and researchersto identify complementary strengths, facilitate the use of synergies, and promote the development of outstanding future collaborative projects.

Targeted Activities

This call is open to all disciplines, interdisciplinary initiatives being encouraged. The joint funding scheme aims atsupporting the first steps of collaboration. The following formats are possible:

  • Intensive research workshops
  • Short term research stays(for young as well as established researchers)
  • Shortintensive graduate seminars
  • Mobility for the preparation of jointresearch proposals
  • Mobility for the exploration ofstructured joint teaching initiatives
  • Exchange of PhD‐students, post‐docs


The jointseed fund operates with a total annual budget of CHF 50.000 (CHF 25.000 from each side). Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of CHF 20,000 (CHF 10,000 equivalent support for each partner) for up to two years. Proposals with a smaller budget are also encouraged. Each university will provide its own lead investigator with an equivalent amount of funds that can be spent over the course of the grant period. Grant funds may not be used to pay salaries. Fellowships for graduate students should be part of a specific project and not cover student mobility only.