China Scholarship Council (CSC) – Hebrew University of Jerusalem Scholarship Program Call for Applications for 2022-2023

17 November, 2021

1. Program Overview

This program provides scholarships for 20 selected PhD students (full degree and sandwich), postdoctoral students and visiting scholars from Chinese institutions each year, to engage in doctoral (12 – 48 months) and post-doctoral level research (12 – 24 months) at HUJI, and to host visiting scholars for academic visits of 3-12 months.

2. Fields of Cooperation

All academic fields.

3. Funding Model

The CSC will provide $2000 per month for PhD students, Post-Doctoral students and Visiting Scholars.
CSC will consider their application for a living allowance as prescribed from time to time by the Chinese Government (which include health insurance), a return international airfare to Israel by the most economical route, and visa application fees.
HUJI host researchers will provide a minimum of US$600 subsidy per month, PhD tuition fees and adequate working conditions in order to pursue their research, including academic supervision, necessary laboratory services, materials and library services.

4. Entry Criteria

(1) Candidates must be citizens and permanent residents of the People’s Republic of China at the time of application; (2) Candidates must not be currently working or studying abroad.
(3) Successful candidates must return to China upon completion of their research; (4) Candidates must hold an acceptance letter from HUJI. They must therefore fulfill the relevant academic entry requirements set by HUJI. * PhD students only are required to fulfill the language requirements as described here. (5) Candidates should satisfy the selection criteria set out by CSC by completing the CSC Application Form and the CSC Employer Reference Form here.

5. Application and Selection Process

Candidates are required to find and contact a supervisor/host researcher from HUJI and obtain their agreement to host and supervise the candidate, prior to submitting the application documents.
In order to find a supervisor, please visit the website of the relevant department at the Hebrew University.
For further inquiries and assistance, please contact Ms. Daniella Faktorovich, HUJI International Office, Email:
(1) PhD Candidates (full PhD degree* and PhD Sandwich candidates) should submit:
1. CV
2. Degree Certificate which proves the candidate is entitled to embark on PhD studies
3. Letter of Motivation (1 page)
4. Letter of Endorsement from HUJI supervisor
5. 1-2 Letters of Recommendation
* Please note:
Full PhD degree candidates, who have not yet been accepted to PhD studies at the Hebrew University, are required to submit a full application to the Authority for Research Students of the Hebrew University no later than 17 February 2021. For further information about the application process for PhD studies at the Hebrew University, see here.
(2) Post-Doctoral Candidates should submit:
1. CV
2. Research Proposal (max. 5 pages)
3. Letter of Endorsement from HUJI supervisor
4. 1-2 Letters of Recommendation
(3) Visiting Scholars should submit:
1. CV and List of Publications
2. Invitation Letter from HUJI host
3. Visit Plan
Applications should be sent as one PDF file to: Ms. Daniella Faktorovich, HUJI International Office, Email:, by the below deadlines.

6. Deadlines for Application
Full PhD Degree: 17 February 2022
Postdoctoral fellows, PhD Sandwich, and Visiting Scholars: 3 March 2022