Correction: Coronavirus – Update - 18/02/2020

February 19, 2020


In follow up to the below announcement, we would like to sincerely apologize for our oversight and erroneous usage of the word “country” for Macau and Hong Kong.

Please see the corrected version of the previous announcement.

Best Wishes
Prof. Oron Shagrir, Vice President for International Affairs
Yishai Fraenkel, Vice President and Director-General


Dear members of the University community,
We continue to monitor the updates and developments on the issue of the Corona virus regularly, and follow the Ministries of Health and Foreign guidelines.
In recent days, the Ministry of Health has issued an update on returnees from the following destinations: Thailand, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong.
The updated guidelines for returnees from these destinations can be found in the Ministry of Health's website. The main guideline is to enter into a 14-day self-isolation, in addition to the directive that already exists for returnees from China.
Full guidelines -
During the isolation period, there is no entry to the university campuses or its facilities. Staff are not permitted to come to work and students cannot attend studies, exams, libraries or suchlike.
The University's management, together with the various academic and staff units, are monitoring visits of delegations, students and researchers from these destinations and are in contact with them to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Health's guidelines.
In the case that you encounter a staff member, student or anyone else who, to the best of your knowledge, has returned from the destinations listed by the Ministry of Health and does not conduct self-isolation as required, please report to the University Security Center in your campus. The health of our community is very important and we should all comply with the instructions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
Academic and administrative staff who are in solitary confinement are requested as much as possible to work from home, in coordination with their direct supervisor, who should update the Human Resources Division. Self-isolation days will be recognized as sick leave by the Hebrew University.
The Human Resource Division will be flexible in enabling flexible employment solutions as needed, in coordination with the staff member and their superiors.
We again wish to refer to the experience of our Asian students and researchers.
At the Hebrew University, we strongly condemn abusive behaviors and statements towards students and scholars from various Asian countries.
The Hebrew University is home to numerous students and faculty from China and East Asia, who are active members of our academic community. Please consider the difficulties that they are experiencing in the current circumstances, and as such we wish to support them on regular days and even more so during such a complex time. Please do your utmost to respect, support and help them whenever necessary and possible.
We would like to mention that students and researchers from China who are at the Hebrew University and who are interested in receiving counselling, support or assistance are invited to contact the Student Life Unit at the Rothberg School for Overseas Students, Ms. Sigal Kleinerman, Email: and the International Office, Ms. Shachar Kessler, Email:
In addition to supporting students and researchers from China who are members of the university community, the university also places great importance in supporting our academic partners in China.
This video produced by our International Office, featuring students, researchers and staff of the university, has received very wide exposure in China and in Israel and many positive comments acknowledging our support.
The video is available at this link:  or at this link for those located in China:
We will continue to support, respect and support the international students and researchers at the Hebrew University and in general.
Best Wishes
Prof. Oron Shagrir, Vice President for International Affairs
Yishai Fraenkel, Vice President and Director-General