Hebrew University of Jerusalem & University of Vienna Joint Seminars (Joint Call for Applications 2021/2022)

4 March, 2021


Background and aim

In the framework of their Strategic Partnership, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) and the University of Vienna (UNIVIE) aim to expand and strengthen their academic collaboration.

The renewed Strategic Partnership Agreement of 30 October 2019 includes annual Joint Seminars, which take place either in Jerusalem or in Vienna for one to two days (excluding arrival and departure).


Joint Seminars are networking events during which faculty members of both institutions meet, present their work and engage in a dialogue with the aim to:

  • consolidate and extend existing collaboration and/or,
  • discuss future collaborations and/or,
  • facilitate and coordinate joint submissions to funding agencies.
Seminar topics

Joint Seminars aim to address diverse topics and different disciplines in each university. In 2021/22, the call is open for faculty members of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Vienna in all academic fields (excluding Austrian Studies).


The Joint Seminars of the Call 2021/22 will take place in Jerusalem.


In 2021/22, two (2) Joint Seminars may be funded.

Maximum funding for each Joint Seminar will be 4.000€ (up to 2.000 € from each institution)

•             Costs for travelling: will be covered by the sending institutions.

•             Costs for accommodation and catering, rental costs for of seminar room: will be covered by hosting institution.

Funding regulations of each institution shall apply.

Who and how to apply

Applications have to be submitted jointly by at least one faculty member of each university not later than:

19 April 2021 – 23:59 CET

The proposal should include:

  • Short outline of the planned seminar (up to 1 page);
  • Proposed outcome and future activities, particularly submissions of joint research proposals to external funding agencies (up to 1 page);
  • Tentative dates of the Joint Seminar;
  • List of participants (max. 4 per institution including applicants). We encourage the participation of early-stage researchers and/or PhD students.
  • Tentative budget (up to 4,000 EUR in total): The University of Vienna will support the mobility of up to four researchers per Joint Seminar with a budget of up to 2,000 EUR for travel costs. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem will support the Joint Seminars in Jerusalem with up to 2,000.00 EUR for accommodation for researchers as well as for seminar-related costs (such as catering).

The application should be submitted as one pdf file to the respective academic coordinators of both institutions:

HUJI:                     Ms. Alma Lessing             Email: almal@savion.huji.ac.il

UNIVIE:                Mr. Franz Michalke         Email: franz.michalke@univie.ac.at

Evaluation and selection process

Assessment of applications implies a formal check to verify eligibility (done by the academic coordinators) and a quality assessment against the following selection criteria:

  • Academic quality and feasibility of project
  • Participants (including junior researcher and PhD students)
  • Potential for further collaboration (incl. future externally funded project)

Projects will be selected by a joint HUJI – UNIVIE committee, which will be headed by Prof. Re`em Sari (HUJI, Vice-President for Research & Development), Prof. Oron Shagrir, (HUJI, Vice-President for International Affairs) and Prof. Jean-Robert Tyran (UNIVIE, Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs).

Results will be communicated in June 2021; the proposed activities should take place between 1 October 2021 and 30 June 2022.

Overview of important dates:

Disclosure of Call:                                                                            4 March 2021

Submission Deadline:                                                                    19 April 2021

Notification of selected proposals:                                         by 21 June 2021

Recommended Implementation Period:                             1 October 2021 – 30 June 2022