Schwarzman Scholars: Young Leaders' One-Year Global Affairs Master’s Program in Beijing, China

May 12, 2020
Program overview
Schwarzman Scholars is a highly-selective, fully-funded scholarship program, based at the distinguished Tsinghua University in Beijing. The program was designed to ensure that the next generation of business, political and civil society leaders around the world can effectively serve as bridges between China and the rest of the world. We aim to achieve this by (1) recruiting promising young leaders from around the world; (2) educating them about China’s global role via a one-year Master’s in global affairs at Tsinghua; and (3) linking them to senior mentors in their field in China and to their peers among China’s rising young leaders.
The program is open to candidates between the ages of 18 and 28 years old, regardless of nationality, who are proficient in English and have obtained an undergraduate degree or its equivalent.
Mandarin skills are not required for admission. 
Whether in politics, business, sciences, or the arts, successful applicants are young people who have already begun to demonstrate the ability to lead, produce results in their fields, and a commitment to building understanding among people with differing perspectives.
The application is now open, and will close on September 22, 2020, at 11:59PM.
To learn more about the application process and the requirements, visit the Schwarzman Scholars website.
Selection process
Applications will be reviewed by a distinguished team of readers from around the world who will narrow the pool based on an extensive set of guidelines. More than 400 finalists will be invited to an in-person interview in Beijing, Singapore, London, or New York, and will be notified of their acceptance by mid-November 2020.
For further information
Visit the Schwarzman Scholars website, and join a webinar (online information session).