Special Invitation to Global Research Internship Program (UC Chile)

31 October, 2022

Global Research Program: Global Internships for Research and Practice-Based Learning

The Global Research Program is a virtual/on-site international experience program that supports research and creative projects in UC Chile and international partner universities within the framework of Global Internships for Research and Practice-Based Learning.

The program aims to enhance and stimulate research collaboration at a global level connecting researchers with master’s and senior undergraduate students within new, creative, and innovative international research opportunities.

The call is open to all areas of knowledge, and interdisciplinary projects are especially welcome to apply.

Important dates:

October 19 to November 21 2022 - FACULTY APPLICATION PROCESS
Faculty submit research projects. Deadline extended.

November 30 to December 18 2022 - STUDENTS' APPLICATION PROCESS
International students submit applications for available research projects.


Start: April/May 2023 
Ending: July/August 2023   
International students end their internships with the possibility of being on-site the last couple of weeks, if applicable. 
Dates can be flexible and agreed between the researcher and the student. 

Faculty eligibility criteria:

·        Every lead researcher of the project must be a full associate or assistant professor of UC Chile or the partner university with at least 22 working hours. This call will not admit internship offers for those who do not meet this requirement. Each institution may add its own requirements

·        Each faculty member can act as the lead researcher of only one project; the intern's contribution must be clearly identified on the internship offer. 

·        Each project may have more than one student working on it.

·        Every lead researcher shall be able to supervise one or two international students at his/her institution

·        Every lead researcher shall be able to host international students within the stipulated dates of the program: Internships must start in April or May and end in July or August 2023. 

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