Visa issues during Jewish holiday

22 September, 2022

Between September 25 till October 17, 2022, The Hebrew University will be closed due to the Jewish High Holidays. Full office hours will be resumed on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Please read the following carefully:

We are facing challenging times with visa issues due to an ongoing strike at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli embassies abroad and thus we would like to bring the following to your attention:

  1. Visa extension during the holiday period:

Students whose visa has expired between March to August 2022, have received an automatic visa extension from the Ministry of Interior for an additional 6 months. 

This automatic extension is only for your single-entry visa and is not printed on your passport.

If you need to travel, you must request to receive a multi-entry visa in your passport. You can do this at the Ministry of Interior without an appointment and with no need to bring paperwork beyond the visa form and confirmation that you are a current student.

Students from countries without visa agreements should not leave Israel without a valid multi-entry student visa, as there may be no way of receiving a student visa abroad.

In case of doubt regarding extension, you can clarify if you received the automatic extension by writing to the Ministry of Interior at - enclose a copy of your visa, state your passport number and request to check if it has been automatically extended, and until when.

The renewal of visas for doctoral and post-doctoral students by the International Office staff is currently not in service due to the holiday period and will resume on our return to work on October 18th.

Additionally, please be aware that we will be able to extend your visa beyond the period of the automatic extension only after its expiration.

The Ministry of Interior will also be closed for the holidays, so there is no need to be concerned if your visa is not valid for a few weeks, as the Ministry is aware of the situation and will consider it accordingly.

  1. New students who intend to enter Israel and Students who intend to travel during holidays:

Due to the strike, many embassies are not issuing visas. Prior to travel, you should first enquire at your local embassy (contact details of embassies around the world here) if the visa service is operating.

In the case that the nearest embassy/consulate to you is not issuing student visas ,students from countries which has a visa agreement with Israel can enter Israel with a tourist visa (B2) and should contact us upon their return for further information on how to convert their tourist visa (B2) to a student visa (A2).

The following documents will be needed for the conversion – please prepare prior to your trip:

·       Birth certificate translated to English with apostille.

·       Travel documents and copy of the student's parents' passports

·       Medical approval signed by a doctor, confirming you have no infectious illness.

  1. Students from countries that do not have a visa agreement with Israel, cannot enter Israel in the interim.
  2. Research fellows and faculty members; for urgent inquiries please contact the Head of International Office, Jane Turner at

Office Service during the Jewish High Holidays:

On working days - phone and email response as usual.

Reception hours for document pick up - Sundays and Thursdays - 9:30 - 11:30

During the Jewish high holidays - the offices are closed and there will be no response by phone or email.

During Hol Hamoed Sukkot - 11-13.10.22 – partial phone and email service.


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