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Visas and Entry Permits for Incoming International Students, Post Docs and Researchers

The Government of Israel has announced that the current lockdown will be extended until 18.10.2020.

In light of this, we would like to update you regarding the current regulations for international students and researchers entering Israel during the lockdown.

  1.  The government has announced that no visas and entry permits (both are required to enter Israel in Covid-19 times) will be issued to international students until the lockdown is lifted (currently scheduled for October 18th). This decision also applies to cases in which visa applications have been approved but the student has not yet received an entry permit from their local embassy/consulate.

  2. Students and Post Docs who have already received a visa and entry permit issued before 18/9/2020 are requested to notify the International Office ASAP. IMPORTANT: Entry permits issued after 18/9/2020 are NOT VALID. Students and Post Docs who received such entry permits are requested to notify the International Office ASAP.

  3. Students who have not yet received a visa and entry permit are advised to contact their local embassy/consulate to submit an application (some disruptions in service are to be expected). We recommend not to book flights before you receive the visa and entry permit.

  4. Students are requested to follow the updates of their local embassy/consulate and the university announcements.

  5. We want to emphasize again that entry into Israel will not be permitted without a visa AND a special entry permit delivered by your embassy/consulate or immigration authority.

  6. All international incoming students and researchers are requested to register HERE, unless you already have done so, in order to support them with their arrival preparations.

We understand that these are times of uncertainty. However, please be reassured that our team is fully dedicated to assist you and to ensure smooth arrival to Israel, as soon as the circumstances will allow it.

Best Wishes,
The International Office Team



New Directives for Inbound International Students, Click Here to Download





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