Hosting Staff From Partner Universities

Hosting Academic Staff

The Hebrew University has created a culture that values the involvement of dynamic, creative, and dedicated researchers from the international academic community.
There are various funding mechanisms for inviting scholars including Erasmus+

Responsibilities of the Host Department and Faculty

Step One: Official Invitation Letter
Prospective visiting scholars need an official letter of invitation from the Dean of your faculty/school. The letter should detail the nature of the research or teaching that the scholar will conduct, who will supervise or advise the scholar, the dates of the visit and specifically what the department will offer the scholar. It may explain if the department will be able to provide office space, staff assistance, departmental facilities, salary and/ or stipend, the agreed length of stay and dates the scholar will be on campus.

Step Two: Practical Matters

Visitors from India, China, Africa, and various other places will need assistance with obtaining a visa for their visit. If your visitor will be receiving a salary (as opposed to a fellowship or honorarium), you must obtain a work permit and work visa for him/her before his arrival in Israel.
Please see here for more information. 

The university has a limited number of apartments available for visiting scholars and professors.
Please check with the International Office for availability 
Important: If you are considering inviting a professor or research scholar to the university, please contact the International Office at least 2-6 months in advance.

More Information and Assistance
Faculty members and visiting researchers are encouraged to contact Mr. Yehuda Hersch, the International Researchers Coordinator, for any administrative assistance, non-academic issues and day life matters. Email:

Hosting Academic Staff within the framework of the Erasmus+ program:

Academic staff visits in the frameworks of Erasmus+ are normally short-term visits (5-10 days) and guests coming form European countries that do not require special visa arrangements.

Faculty members from Erasmus+ partner institutions may contact HUJI academic staff if they are interested in an Erasmus Teaching Visit at HUJI.

As these partner agreements are an essential aspect of the university’s internationalization efforts, we very much encourage you to support visit requests. These visits are usually very fruitful in terms of the development of a significant teaching and research collaboration.

Important to note:

  • Staff members are required to teach 8 hours weekly, which can take various formats (seminars, public lectures, mini-courses, one-on-one supervision, etc).
  • These visits are all funded by the Erasmus+ Program.

Application Process

The application process varies from institution to institution. Some institutions will hold an open Call for Applications, based on a formal, competitive process and submission of an application (often with a requirement for a formal letter of invitation) whilst some institutions operate in a less formal and structured way, based on individual collaborations and invitations.

Generally, the process works as follows:

  1. An Erasmus+ partner university staff member will contact a HUJI faculty member to discuss options for teaching visits.
  2. The HUJI faculty member considers the request and it should be approved by the chair of the department/school/faculty. Should consent be given, a written letter of willingness to host should be sent to the partner university staff member. It should include the date and length of the stay and an outline of the academic program for the visit.

Note: If this is a competitive process at the partner university, this letter serves as a letter of support only. The mobility may not be implemented if the application is rejected.

  1. If the application is successful (in the case of a competitive call), the partner university staff exchange coordinator will notify Hebrew University’s International Office via e-mail. This step is called "nomination.“
  2. Following the nomination, a formal invitation letter should be prepared and sent to the guest by the dean of the respective HUJI faculty, in accordance with HUJI’s internal regulations. A copy should be sent to the International Office (to Gal Lombrozo, e-mail:

Mobility Agreement for Teaching

Prior to arrival, the guest is required to have a Teaching Mobility Agreement fully signed. This agreement forms the basis of the mobility and defines the visit’s goals and its program. The form needs to be approved and signed by the staff member as well as the sending and the receiving institutions.

At HUJI, the agreement should be e-signed by the International Office and returned to the guest. Important: The agreement will only be signed by the International Office after the formal letter of invitation from the dean has been sent.

The fully signed version should be sent to the Erasmus+ coordinator at HUJI’s International Office (e-mail:

Preparations should be made by the academic host and the relevant department, in accordance with HUJI’s general hosting procedures.

For any advice on housing, guest cards and other issues, please contact  Mr. Yehuda Hersch, Coordinator for Visiting Researchers at the International Office:

Hosting Administrative Staff

Administrative members of HUJI’s partner universities might contact staff members or academic units of HUJI to inquire about conducting an Erasmus+ Training Visit at the university. As HUJI is committed to the partnership agreements and in order to further internationalization efforts, we very much encourage those who do receive such requests to consider them positively.

Important to note:
The requirements and the program may vary from visit to visit.
All incoming staff members are funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Application Process (subject to variations in different institutions)

  1. A partner university staff member contacts HUJI staff to discuss options for training visits.
  2. Should consent be given, usually a Training Agreement has to be prepared, as required for their internal application. This sets out the program for the visit and the goals and forms the basis of the mobility. The form needs to be confirmed and approved by the visitor as well as by the sending and the receiving institutions.  
  3. If their application is successful, the staff members will be nominated for the program by their home institution's exchange coordinator.
  4. Following acceptance of the mobility opportunity by the partner staff member, the university will notify HUJI of the staff nominations by e-mail.

Preparations for the Mobility

The plan and schedule for the guest should be made by the hosting department in conjunction with Dr. Shabtay Dover, Coordinator for Administrative Exchanges (e-mail:

The International Office can also be consulted regarding possibilities for maximizing the outcomes of the visit in terms of promoting institutional collaborative ties and to receive suggestions for possible meetings.