Exchange Programs

Incoming Exchange


If you’re an international student enrolled in one of our partner universities around the globe, we’d love to welcome you to Hebrew University as an exchange student. During your exchange semester or year, you’ll be able to take courses in English or Hebrew in many different disciplines, which can often be credited toward your degree. Exchange students are also invited to join the activities offered by our Office of Student Life, including sports courses, cultural events, and trips throughout the country.


As a Hebrew University student, you’re eligible to apply for an exchange semester abroad at one of our partner universities worldwide – there are over 100 destinations to choose from! This will allow you to discover a new culture, improve your language skills, and make new international friends while you live and study in another country. The courses you take abroad are often recognized by HUJI, so you won’t have to extend your studies. You’ll continue to pay tuition to Hebrew University as usual, and will be waived all tuition fees at the university abroad. Depending on the destination, you may even be eligible for a scholarship.


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