ביחד עם ייל: תו תקן לבית ספר למנהל עסקים בעברית

August 6, 2019

בית הספר למנהל עסקים באוניברסיטה העברית זכה בתו התקן היוקרתי של הארגון הבינלאומי של בתי הספר למנהל עסקים בעולם (AACSB), לאיכות ומצוינות. אוניברסיטאות נוספות שקיבלו את הסמכת הארגון: הארווורד, סטנפורד, ייל, אוניבריטת ניו יורק (NYU), המכון הטכנולוגי של מסצ'וסטס (MIT) ועוד.


לקריאת הכתבה המלאה.

Falling Walls Labs

August 6, 2019

Request for Proposal - Falling Walls Competition


Are you working on an original, creative and innovative project?

The JLM-Impact Consortium invites you to compete at the Israeli Chapter of Falling Walls Lab competition!

HUJI – SJTU-SM Joint PhD Degree Program in Biomedical Research – Apply Now

June 24, 2019

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Faculty of Medicine and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine offer the Joint PhD Degree in Biomedical Research – a unique opportunity to conduct doctoral studies and research at two of the world’s leading universities.


For further information please refer to the attached brochure.


Deadline for applications (for Autumn semester 2019): 15 July 2019

Call for PhD Sandwich Scholarships

May 28, 2019

Faculty members are invited to submit a scholarship application to host international doctoral students for a period of 3-12 months as part of their Ph.D. studies abroad.

The  program is intended to strengthen research in Israel and to promote international research relations between researchers and research groups in Israel and abroad.
The students must be:

Call for applications: Non-EU Teaching Mobility at the University of Vienna

May 15, 2019


We are pleased to announce the next call for the University of Vienna Non-EU Teaching Mobility Program.  

University of Vienna invites faculty members from the fields of humanities, law, theology, social sciences, natural sciences, and life sciences for a short-term teaching visit at the University of Vienna.

Deadline for applications : July 1, 2019.

The teaching assignment comprises an entire university course (30 in-class contact hours).