Diversity & Inclusion

Our Vision

As a leading international research institution founded on principles of excellence, innovation, and progression, the Hebrew University aspires to cultivate an inclusive and intellectually stimulating environment that recognizes the inherent worth and potential of all individuals within our university community.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is rooted in our vision for a campus culture that fosters enthusiasm, curiosity, and mutual respect for diverse cultures and perspectives, and celebrates the contribution and accomplishments of our diverse members. Our aim is that all members feel a sense of belonging, and that self-expression and personal realization are part and parcel of their university experience.

Nurturing a safe and accepting academic environment allows for our diverse members to meet and engage on an equal footing, free of discrimination and exclusion.  At Hebrew University we proactively advance inclusive practice through our Office for Diversity & Inclusion, dedicated to establishing and sustaining policies, programs, best practices and resources to promote institutional change, heightened awareness, and a shared commitment to diversity and inclusion. Under the leadership of our Vice President for Diversity and Strategy, our dedicated team works collaboratively with individuals, departments, offices and groups to offer reflective learning experiences surrounding diversity for all members of our campus community. These critical experiences challenge perceptions, stretch boundaries, and ensure an environment that is both free from bias and centered upon practices of equity and inclusion.

At Hebrew University we welcome diversity in all its forms. We believe that diversity inspires creativity, promotes growth, fosters collaboration and the sharing of ideas, and immeasurably enriches our university’s ecosystem. You’ll find a mosaic of individuals here who are like you and/or different from you in countless ways, including but not limited to:

Religious Identity

Home to 3 of the world’s major, monotheistic religions that are inextricably linked to one another, Jerusalem is a hub of religious activity and practice for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. As such, it lends the perfect backdrop for our religiously diverse campus community. Hebrew University strives to create a welcoming, safe and respectful environment for students, faculty and staff of all religious backgrounds, one in which all members are able to successfully integrate their work and studies with their religious commitments and worshipping practices.


Hebrew University is committed to maintaining an accessible campus, one that welcomes students, faculty and staff with disabilities, and accommodates the challenges associated with disabilities of all types—physical, sensory, mental health, intellectual, and learning. Our dedicated Accessibility Services Center offers ongoing support to persons with disabilities, informing them of their rights and the resources available to them. In addition, the Center aims to raise awareness and foster sensitivity amongst all members of our campus community. Moreover, our Dean of Students Office includes a unit dedicated to the support of students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, with centers located across 4 campuses. By lifting barriers associated with learning challenges, students are able to thrive, both academically and socially, at the Hebrew University.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Israel is regarded as one of the world’s most inclusive societies for the LGBTQ+ community, unwaveringly protecting the rights of its gay citizens who prosper in all facets of Israeli society - government, military, arts, academia, entertainment, business, and more. Here at the Hebrew University, we promote a very visible message of inclusion, affirmation and support of the LGBTQ+ members of our community.  We want our students to feel safe, undiscriminated, and at home on campus, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Campus resources and facilities include: gender neutral bathrooms, LGBTQ+ orientations for students and allies, flexible housing accommodations, and the Jerusalem University LGBTQ+ Student Group, as well as numerous queer resources throughout Jerusalem and Israel to ensure that our LGBTQ+ students feel welcome and supported throughout their stay.


Hebrew University is home to heritage students of both Arab (Muslim and Christian) and Jewish heritage, who have relatives living here or roots leading back to this region at some point in their family history. We welcome heritage seekers of all backgrounds to discover or reconnect with their ethnic roots while immersed in their academic pursuits at Hebrew University. Our environment offers the safety and support to facilitate such exploration, allowing heritage students to address the questions and challenges that may surface along the way.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, each of us has a critical role to play. Every member of our community shares in the responsibility of fostering an inclusive culture in which everyone belongs and can equally contribute to the university’s progress, as well as their own. If these values resonate with you, then you belong here. To learn more about the diversity that defines Hebrew University’s community, we welcome you to visit: Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Diversity and Inclusion at Rothberg International School.