Hebrew Classes

Even if your studies are conducted entirely in English, at Hebrew University we encourage students to acquire a basic level of Hebrew while here. Doing so will lend deeper insight into Israeli society, facilitate more meaningful interaction with local Israelis, and allow you to be more at ease in navigating daily life in Jerusalem, for example, when shopping at the Shuk or eating out in restaurants and cafes.

Hebrew University: Hebrew Classes for All Levels
Hebrew University’s Division of Hebrew Language Instruction offers modern Hebrew language courses for all levels (from total beginners (Aleph) to upper advanced (Vav)). The courses are taught by experienced staff who place great emphasis on helping students internalize the language and improve their practical usage in a communicative way. You can attend an intensive course (Ulpan) during the summer or winter break and classes during the academic year.

Courses are available to Hebrew University degree students, full-time undergraduate and graduate study abroad students, Mechina Program and BASIS students, as well as external students with an appropriate academic background who wish to study Hebrew. You’ll be placed in a class according to your level of proficiency and academic program.

Basic Hebrew Class for Research Students and Fellows
Each semester we open special Hebrew classes for our research students and fellows. The course is highly subsidized and suitable for research students without any prior knowledge of the Hebrew language who do not wish to earn academic credit for studying Hebrew.

The course takes place twice a week, and the curriculum emphasizes conversation, comprehension, and basic reading and writing skills. The opening of the course is subject to minimum enrollment.  For more information and to sign up, please contact studentlife@savion.huji.ac.il.

Other Hebrew Classes in Jerusalem
If you’re not enrolled in any of our degree or study abroad programs or cannot attend the courses offered at the university due to your schedule, you might want to look for a Hebrew course offered elsewhere in Jerusalem. The Municipality of Jerusalem lists a number of Hebrew schools on its website.