Getting to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport

There are several ways to get to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport in Lod:

Shared Taxi (Sherut)
Traveling by Sherut is a fast, comfortable, and affordable way to get to Jerusalem. The Nesher company offers 24-hour daily transportation service from Ben Gurion Airport to the address of your choice in Jerusalem. You’ll find minivan taxis that take up to 10 passengers waiting just outside of the baggage claim area. Reservations are not necessary; the taxis depart once enough passengers have boarded. The shuttle service costs approximately 70 NIS. If you need assistance, you can contact Nesher at 02-6257227.

The least expensive means of travel from the airport to Jerusalem is by bus. To reach Jerusalem from the airport, take line 485 which departs from Terminal 3 on the 2nd floor, outside of gate 23. From Sunday to Thursday, the buses run every hour on the hour. There is no service on Shabbat, which means that buses will stop running on Friday in the early afternoon and will begin running again on Saturday night after Shabbat (the precise hour depends on the season). 
In Jerusalem, the buses will arrive to the Central Bus Station, and from there you’ll have to take at least one other bus (or a taxi) to get to the destination of your choice. To get to HUJI’s different campuses, follow these instructions:

Mount Scopus: Bus 68
Edmond J. Safra (Givat Ram) Campus: Bus 68, 14, 66, 9
Ein Kerem (Hadassah): Take the light rail to the Mount Herzl station and transfer to Bus 27 or take the light rail to the Jaffa/Center station and change to bus No. 19 from King George St.

If you choose to travel with the high-speed train from the airport, you will arrive at Yitzchak Navon Train Station in Jerusalem in just over 20 minutes. Be sure to check the website of Israel Railways before selecting this option, as there is no train service on Shabbat.
From the Yitzhak Navon Station you can either cross the road toward the International Convention Center (“Binyanei Ha’uma”) and take a bus to the center of town (the bus stops are along the main road), or cross in the other direction, toward the Central Bus Station, and take a bus or the light rail to continue to your destination.

Private Taxi
If you prefer a private taxi, be sure to take one with a yellow lit-up sign on the roof displaying the taxi license number. The trip from the airport to Jerusalem should cost approximately 300 NIS. You will find these taxis lined up outside the baggage claim area (Terminal 3).

Getting to Rehovot from Ben Gurion Airport

The easiest way to get to Rehovot is by taxi. A taxi ride should cost approximately 150 NIS, depending on the number of passengers, pieces of luggage, and whether you travel during the daytime or at night. The taxis will depart from Level G, at the exit of Gate 3. Travel time should be approximately 25-30 minutes, assuming there is no heavy traffic.

There are no direct trains between Ben Gurion Airport and Rehovot. If you wish to travel by train, you’ll need to first take a train or a bus to a train station in Tel Aviv and switch from there to a train to Rehovot. The journey should take about 45 to 55 minutes. Keep in mind that there are no trains on Shabbat (from Friday afternoon to Saturday night). On the website of Israel Railways, you’ll find information on schedules and fares.
From the train station in Rehovot, it is a brief 5-minute walk to the main gate of campus (Herzl Gate). Please make sure to exit the train station via the southern exit.

There are no direct buses from Terminal 3 to Rehovot. 
For more information on getting to Rehovot from the airport, visit the website of the International School of Agricultural Sciences.

Transportation Within Jerusalem

Bus Lines and Light Rail
For students, the easiest way to get around in Jerusalem is by bus or by light rail. To check out how to reach a destination of your choice by public transport, we recommend using either Google Maps or the app Moovit. To look up a bus line, visit the website of Egged bus company. 

Rav-Kav Card
The Rav-Kav card is a multi-use smart card that can be reloaded with various types of tickets – such as multi-ride and monthly passes – for Israeli public transportation (bus, train and light rail). One of the advantages of the Rav-Kav card is that you can also use it in other cities in Israel, which gives you great flexibility when traveling throughout the country.
You may purchase either a personalized or a generic Rav-Kav, but if you wish to make use of the student discount, you should opt for a personalized one.

There are two discount programs available to students:

  • The “Regular Student” program, which offers a discount of 33% on plans
  • The “Extended Student” program, which offers unlimited travel in Jerusalem at a discount of 50% and is available as an annual or a semester pass

Once you have access to your personal student profile at HUJI, you’ll be able to print your Certificate of Enrollment. With this document, your student card, and passport, you can go to any Rav-Kav counter and request a student discount.
On the Rav-Kav website, you’ll find information on where to buy a card in Jerusalem.

Shuttle Service
The university runs a shuttle service, which is only available during the academic year, specifically on days during which classes take place. The shuttle service is free upon presentation of a student, graduate, or employee card.
Click here to view the schedule.

Transportation Within Rehovot

Students at the International School of Agricultural Sciences in Rehovot can easily reach the campus by bus. The closest bus station is located just outside Herzl Gate, the main entrance to the campus. You can also commute from Tel Aviv to Rehovot by taking lines 201, 301 or 274.

To learn more about the Rav-Kav transportation card, with which you can receive a student discount when traveling by bus, please see the above section on transportation within Jerusalem.