Israeli Driver’s License

As a non-Israeli citizen, you are permitted to drive a private vehicle with an international license for up to one year from the day of your arrival in Israel. If you wish to continue driving beyond this period, you will need to convert your foreign driver’s license into an Israeli one. In order to do so, you’ll need to visit a branch of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, where you’ll be asked to present your passport, visa, and your original driver’s license.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Misrad Harishui) has two branch offices in Jerusalem:

  •  1 Hatenufa St., Talpiot
  •  97 Jaffa Road (Clal Center)

Tel: *5678 or 1-700-704370 (we recommend to check the opening hours in advance)

Please note that any change of name or address must be reported to one of these offices following your initial application for an Israeli license.

After your file has been opened, you will have to see a certified optician affiliated with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to complete an eye exam and to have a photograph taken for your license. If you have less than two years of driving history, you will be required to take a theory test. In any case, you will have to complete a practical driving test.

For any questions, you can consult with the Call Center of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety (*5678 from within Israel).