Internet and Phone

SIM Cards

Purchasing a local Israeli SIM card will make it easier for you to communicate with friends, colleagues, and university staff throughout your stay in Israel. There are several SIM card providers to choose from, each one offering a variety of plans. We recommend that you compare offers before choosing the plan that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that some companies may not offer English-speaking customer service.

The following is a list of several providers you may want to consider, though Hebrew University assumes no responsibility and makes no guarantees regarding the services they offer. We provide this information to you as a courtesy only, and encourage you to consider each one carefully before making your final selection.

Providers for Local Customers
These companies are the main cellular providers in Israel, and usually offer plans at relatively low rates. You can pick up a SIM card at one of their local shops:

(Note that this list is not exhaustive and other options do exist).

Providers for International CustomersThese companies may be more expensive, though they offer special plans for short- and long-term international visitors. Keep in mind that they may not have local shops in Jerusalem and may only offer online or phone customer service.

(Note that this list is not exhaustive and other options may exist).


Dormitory Housing
In many areas of the student dorms, you’ll have internet access via Wi-Fi. If you are staying in the Reznik dorms, please follow these instructions to set up your internet connection.

Off-Campus Housing
If you’re staying in an apartment off campus, you’ll have to make independent arrangements for internet service. To do so, you generally have to contact two types of providers: tashtit (internet infrastructure) and sapak (internet service provider, or ISP).

Tashtit: Infrastructure for Your Internet Connection
Currently, there are two different companies in Israel that provide internet infrastructure: Bezeq and HOT. Note that Bezeq should not be confused with Bezeq International, which is a sapak (ISP).

Sapakim: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) 
The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the main ISPs in Israel. Since every ISP offers a number of different packages, it is advisable to ask about various plans and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can inquire whether the ISP can also set up the internet infrastructure for you.